Communications officielles

Bashiok, 02/07/2012 (Source)
We’ve extensively tested for false positive situations, including replicating system setups for those who have posted claiming they were banned unfairly. We’ve not found any situations that could produce a false positive, have found that the circumstances for which they were banned were clear and accurate, and we are extremely confident in our findings.

Playing the game on Linux, although not officially supported, will not get you banned – cheating will.
Omrakos, 17/09/2012 (Source)

You can't get banned solely for using Linux. We just can't offer any help to you in getting any of our games to run with it as it's not a supported operating system.

If you intend to use hacks and cheat in the game and hope to claim our detection was in error since you were using Linux, I'm afraid it's very unlikely any restrictions would be overturned, unless we were able to replicate the conditions in house.
Zarnalaki, 06/11/2012 (Source)

Pour reprendre la réponse de Bashiok au mois de juillet sur ce problème, nous ne bannissons pas les joueurs utilisant Linux.

Quoi qu'il en soit, Blackbombay, je vous invite fortement à considérer les suites que pourraient entraîner les propos que vous avez tenus ici.